zaterdag 30 juni 2018

Quote-Unquote (3)

"I was labelled 'gifted' in school. A straight 'A' student with marks in the mid '80s, the characteristics I had that should have been recognized as ADHD were completely missed. I did well in school and the ADHD kids didn't. I headed for university having been fed years of a steady diet that I could do anything I wanted (and I wanted to be a lawyer). No, as it turns out, I couldn't. What I could do, was school better than most, but by the seat of my pants. I couldn't study, I couldn't take notes, I couldn't manage my money, my relationships, my eating (apparently impulse control comes in handy for all of these things). Eventually, I was done school at age 30. Fast forward 35 years and the career I was going to school for has evaporated. I am facing an uncertain future heading into retirement almost 20 years early due to medical reasons - and one of those reasons is that my ADHD makes it impossible for me to function in my workplace. I have had nothing but self-loathing because I could never make my life work on so many fronts. Basic, basic skills that everyone else seems to be able to grasp, elude me. I have regularly felt hopeless enough, always screwing up, that even as far back as those teen years, I have struggled to choose to keep living."

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