zondag 6 mei 2012

I wanna sync.

't Is opgelost. En ze waren best vriendelijk, daar bij Nikerunning op FB. Maar ... mocht ik er niet zo aan gehecht zijn, ik had de hele Nike+ zwik al lang het venster uitgekeild. 'k Wil echter geen investeringen doen in andere registratie gear omdat dat erover is, voor mij toch.

still no sync, since feb 29; the runs register on my iPod nano 4th generation (I copy them on paper now) and "workout data is sent to Nikeplus". No such thing happens though. Looked into it several times, did test too. I have NO clue.
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    • Nike Running Hey Kathelijne - Thanks for reaching out to us. To get you back on track, we encourage you to follow these steps:

      1) Dock your iPod device. When iTunes opens, go to the Nike+ iPod tab.
      2) Un-check the check box to "Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com" and click Apply.
      3) Safely un-dock your iPod.
      4) Go for a run or short test workout. Around the room is fine.... just enough to register a distance on the iPod.
      5) Dock your iPod, select the check box to "Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com" and click Apply at the bottom-right of the screen. iTunes will make the connection to nikeplus.com and send the workout.

      Note: At this point, the workout is not attached to your account.
      6) In iTunes, the button to "Visit nikeplus.com" should be displayed (you may be presented with a window to either "Visit" or "Don't Visit"). Click on Visit and your default internet browser should open and go to nikeplus.com.
      7) Your workout is visible, but it still is not attached to your nikeplus.com account. Log in to nikeplus.com and the workout will attach to your account.
      8) Close the browser window. It does not matter if you log out or not.
      9) Go back to iTunes and click on the button, "Visit nikeplus.com." Your web browser should open, but you can close it immediately.
      10) Go back to iTunes. Your email address should appear below the "Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com" check box and the options Cancel and Apply will appear. Click Apply to save this setting.

      All future workouts will automatically upload to the appropriate nikeplus.com account. Let us know if you continue to experience issues.
    • Kathelijne Sierens Thanks. The above is exactly what I've trying several times. What happens is that I get a Request Timeout (The server timed out while waiting for the browser's request.) when I click the "Visit nikeplus.com" button. I can however log on to the site in any other browser tab. It seems as if the connection between the two is lost. Is it an account thing?
      23 hours ago · 
    • Kathelijne Sierens will try again tomorrow, it is midnight here ...
      23 hours ago · 
    • Nike Running Hey Kathelijne - If you change your default internet browser do you continue to experience this problem? It could be a network issue, do you have this same problem if you use a computer on a different network connection? Let us know.
      22 hours ago · 
    • Kathelijne Sierens changed default browser to Firefox
      got new error msg. right after "Retrieving Account information": "iTunes could not connect to nikeplus.com .... ".
      An unknown error has occurred (1306). Make sure your network connection is active and try again.

      Retried with a new fake workout. Got it uploaded.
      Of course the workouts done in March, April and early May aren't there.
      But wait. There is something I can do.
      2 hours ago · 
    • Kathelijne Sierens Moved the .xml files from "synched" to "latest" as described by https://discussions.apple.com/message/16092493#16092493
      2 hours ago · 
    • Kathelijne Sierens It worked. But I spend at least 8 hrs looking for a solution in the past 2 months and there's still all the double entries I need to clean up in dailymile ... The good thing is, I know what is under the hood now. But this is no obvious stuff for just anyone. I wish there were cleaner procedures, cause currently I still don't know what caused it. An upgrade right after feb 29? Something with the fact that I've been using Google Chrome? Anyway, it worked and I hope it won't happen again.
      2 hours ago · 
    • Nike Running Hi Kathelijne - We're stoked to hear that everything is all squared away. We will be sure to take note of this feedback as we appreciate your open and honest response. Let us know if we can assist you with anything else.
      2 hours ago · 

Bwah, ze mogen mij es een paar loopsletsen opsturen om mij welwillend te stemmen. Best wel.

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