vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Evaluation form

I need to stay aware that I tend to go "limitless" and that overdoing things is the real danger...

Below the usual cost-and-benefit analysis, to see if I maintain the balance I need. It is basically a recurring exercise, to remind me to stay mindful.

How I’m doing in general
  • Am I aware, in touch with myself? Do I “feel” anything at all or do I just “go on”?
  • A lot on my plate or too much? Adding without subtracting?
  • Losing sight of limits? Try to do the impossible? At what cost?
  • Enough sleep?
  • Physical discomfort? Pain?
  • Biting (nails, lips)? Scratching?
  • Anxiety attacks? Alienation? Compulsive much? Explosive situations? Benders?
At home - family, household
  • Planning (who-where-what): week structure set up? (= ANCHOR)
  • Chores: is it clear who does what? Do we agree? Do I manage to do my part?
  • Is it really clear to me what I need to do or do I struggle with what (I think) I am supposed to do?
  • Do I communicate my plans/priorities/frustrations? (They’re not mind readers.)
  • Enough face time with the kids/spouse or am I running the household like a military operation (only the practical, leaving out contact/emotions entirely)?
  • Do I get along with the family or am I evasive, grumpy, complaining, irritated, (verbally) aggressive?
  • Do I see other people (my family, other parents, friends …)? Because I have to help out? Socially? Do I manage? How do I feel about it? Avoiding people/confrontations?
At work
  • Is it clear what I need to do?
  • Do I manage to do the necessary/what I’m supposed to do?
  • Motivational issues?
  • As I set my priorities, do I stick to them?
  • Procrastinate much? Context switch much? Avoiding much?
  • Output ok?
  • Pleased with my results? Any complaints?
  • Do I communicate my plans/priorities/frustrations?
  • Do I get along with the colleagues? Am I avoiding people/confrontations?
("idle time", relaxation, hobbies, sports, read, tv, …)
  • Enough things that do me good? Or overdoing it? (= adverse results)
  • Do I manage to unwind at all?
  • Feel much frustration about reduced sensitivity to reward?
  • "Safe and controlled" kicks or risky business?
  • Am I stressed in my me-time? What is the cause? Can I do anything about it?
  • What are my (short term) hopes/plans? Are they realistic?
Medicine & food
  • Do I take my meds?
  • Do I take extra meds? Which/when/why?
  • Much Red Bull?
  • Do I overeat?
  • Do I drink to smooth off the edges?

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