donderdag 24 januari 2013

No sense of harmony, no sense of time.

It’s been more than a few days now that I cannot tell what day of the week (and month) it is. I’ve lost track. I gave up checking the agenda  - which is quite unusual.
It just happened.

Enter extreme forgetfulness

Where did I last lay down my glasses, keys, phone? What day is that class I teach scheduled? What did I need at the grocery store, now that I’m standing in its aisles? Did I remember to switch off the dryer? 

From compulsively organized I’ve to moved on to oblivious.

Everything slows down. There’s - really long - bouts of hyperfocus. Hours go missing. Next my mind is scattered. I'm lost in the supermarket. Remote. Under a bell jar.

I'm not worried. I'm fine. Mellow even.
The longer it lasts the less concerned I get. I can't imagine life otherwise. My senses are dulled.
When did this start? 
I've lost interest. I'm not tired any more. I'm numb. And in a way I like it.
This is not my life. I'm just observing.  Everything is covered by a thick layer of snow

And oh, I don't think anyone will make me do things soon ...

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