vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

Quote-Unquote (6)

"Today I feel helpless cause I feel I am not good enough
I want to blame all my shortcomings to the dysfunction of my brain
I wonder what and who I would have been if my brain was wired better.
I question my ability as a mom and if I can be strong enough to see her grow up
I am scared that one day I will lose it on my baby cause I can’t be patient enough
I am so tired of keep trying a new hobby and to only not ever finishing a project to the end
I am tired of being tired all the time
I am tired of my constant struggle with myself in the pursuit of finding calmness
I have lost confidence in what I can achieve
I am so tired of being so forgetful
I am so tired of spending so much money books, how to plans, therapy, meds and not ever seeing it all through
I am tired ..."

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