dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

't Kan verkeren

Kijk, toen End Times uitkwam was ik er niet goed van en kribbelde ik dit neer:
I need a mother is just about the most painful song E's come up with until now. Hearing it for the first time - on my bike to work - I really got angry with him. Things like that should remain unspoken. :-(
"I have to laugh when I think how far it’s gone, but things aren’t funny anymore."
Ok, ik denk dat het niet goed gaat met E. Want het is niet funny.
Maar zie nu! En luister! What fun! Nooit zo veel zin in dansen gehad ...

Nooit zo hard met een Eels plaat gelachen. Want al het (humoristisch) negatieve wordt compleet uitgebalanceerd. Meer zelfs: bij wijlen gaat E- geheel hilarisch - helemaal compleet over the top. Yup.

Baby Loves meWhat I have to offer
Record company hates meWhat I have to offer
the doctor says I'm sickwell, there's a lot
The bad girls think I'm just too niceNow I'm a modest man
And the nice girls call me dickbut look at all I got
Policeman flashes the red lightsFor all the wear and tear
Coach says that I'm weakI look OK
Teacher says I'm not too brightI got good manners
Bodybuilder calls me pipsqueakand I make good good pay
The neighbors don't like my flowersWhat I have to offer
The waiter don't like my tipwell, there's so much
The librarian shushes meI care and need your really
Travel agent canceled my triptender touch
Minister says I'm a demonI got a pleasin' disposition
Dietitian says I'm a pigAnd I don't care about
Warmhearted say I'm freezingfootball or fishin'
Promoter won't give me the gig
My tired body is breaking downWhat I have to offer
The world is ending soonwell, check it out
It's all crumbling at my feet,I've learned some things
not sure what to doand I know what it's about
I'm quite discerning and
I’m pretty smart
It takes an awful lot to
win my heart

When Mark Everett is sad, he makes me happy. When Mark is happy, so am I!

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