vrijdag 12 oktober 2018

Quote-Unquote (7)

"Medication so often is NOT enough, especially for women who are diagnosed far into adulthood and therefore have concurrent MH diagnoses (e.g. depression, OCD) that relate to having lived with untreated ADHD for our entire lives. Meds combined with psychotherapy and ADHD coaching is what's been really effective for me. By the way, many people feel a HUGE difference at the beginning of taking meds, but a few months down the line when they realise they're still struggling and it's not the panacea they thought it was, they have days just like you're having. Meds made a huge difference but doing the work of self-acceptance, learning about our brains and how to manage them, and figuring out how to navigate relationships with our partners and children with this new information is a lot of work and simply can't be avoided by relying solely on meds."

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