zaterdag 7 maart 2009

From now on, every human on Earth who might be a cylon, will be a cylon

Deadlock & Someone to watch over me achter de kiezen en neen, ik ga nu niet opnieuw kijken, geen episode guides en geen opiniestukken lezen vooraleer ik mijn eigen theorietjes neerschrijf. Al dat controleren op plausibiliteit is voor later...

Mijn eerste gedachte na de laatste gezien aflevering was trouwens dat ze toch wel heel hard bezig zijn met het promoten van Caprica. Vermoedelijk zullen vele vragen daarin beantwoord worden, en niet in de komende slotafleveringen.

I guess I figured out why the hybrid said Starbuck is "the harbinger of death".

Kara is probably a
Human-Cylon crossbreed, just like Hera.

From the moment that Cylons would
regain the possibility to procreate organically (as the 13th tribe did), I guess that would mean that they would "die" organically too. So if she is a Human-Cylon hybrid, it means that she would get older and eventually die. So she would be the one introducing death...

Now if Kara is a crossbreed ...
  • does it make her Cylon? I guess so. In any case she's half Cylon.
    Following her crash on Earth, she must have been resurrected ("reborn" according to the
    Final Five) in the station outside Earth.

  • who are her parents?
    This one's open for wild guesses.
    First of all: four of the Final Five are in couples. Ellen & Saul, Tyrol & Tory.
    And what about Anders?
    Did he hide something from the rest?
    Like a girlfriend?
    A crossbreed girlfriend?
    Or maybe a crossbreed daughter?
    Anders is a musician, a composer; that we know. Plus: there's been other incestuous relationships: there's Ellen and Cavil (she is his maker), Saul and Caprica-Six (he is her maker) and Tyrol and Boomer (he is her maker).
    Or is it Daniel - number seven - the other artist?
    Did he manage to procreate either with a 13th tribe humanoid cylon or with a human?
    And if he did: who was she?
Aside of all this, I have lots of questions which remain unanswered. I think I will rewatch the episodes starting with "Sometimes a great notion". And I might even google for a few hours.

But one - admittedly silly - thought came to me - on the chronology of matters: if BSG earth is our earth, the one we're on now, and our current time is approximately 2,000 years prior to the Second Cylon War, we could well replace slayer verse by this:

From now on, every human on Earth who might be a cylon, will be a cylon. Every human who could have the power, will have the power. Can stand up, will stand up. Cylons, every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?

I am!

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